Where we blog from: Mustard & Sage

Meghan's blog Mustard & Sage covers a gamut of loveliness all bound together by her discerning eye and distinctive flair. Whether she's showcasing an Etsy seller or the latest look from Urban Outfitters, Meghan seems to pull out what she sees and present in a way that makes you look twice at something you might have passed over. However she does it, I've discovered so much in the calm space of her lovely blog. This is where Meghan blogs from and what she has to say about it.

My husband and I live in a one bedroom apartment in a renovated warehouse in downtown Durham. We have a "study" where I keep a desk, but it is a small windowless room we use mostly for storage, so I do the majority of my blogging in our living room. Our oversized couch is ridiculously comfortable, and that's where you'll find me – under a blanket, feet propped up, sipping on a caffeinated beverage (usually diet coke, but I've been fighting a cold and drinking lots of tea lately).

When my cat Oliver isn't sleeping, he helps find blog-worthy material and keeps an eye out for typos. But since he sleeps allllll the time, he's not much help. And I like to have some background noise, so either the TV is on or we're listening to music. (You can see our little record collection on the floor. My parents recently gave us their turntable and we're still looking for a storage solution. Suggestions welcome!)

I keep a never-ending stack of magazines and catalogs nearby that I like to flip through for inspiration. And so I don't turn into a zombie from staring at my computer all night.

Thanks Meghan!
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