Where we blog from: Malo Blogg

Malo blogg is a delightful, calm blog that features some of the most inspiring interiors I come across in my daily hike through the blogosphere. Maria has a lovely aesthetic that blends mid-century modernism and warm Stockholm style. The result is a blog that makes me want to declutter, paint everything white (as if I didn't already want to) and carefully handpick everything I showcase. This is where Maria blogs from and what she has to say about it...

This small room is where I blog from. It's a sort of glass veranda which originally was used as an entrance. When we extended the house a couple of years ago this space became available. At first we used it for toys and thought that the kids would like a playroom but they didn't play there so last summer my husband built the desk and we moved in with our computers and my drawing and crocheting stuff. I love this room. It's overlooking our garden with its old apple trees and in spring time I keep my seedlings on the windowsill.

Thanks Maria!
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