Where we blog from: Four Walls and a Roof

Lucy of Four Walls and a Roof has a real knack for finding amazing interiors and compiling jaw-dropping lists of inspiration. I was honored to be recently featured in her Style and the City series and am equally delighted to share where she blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I blog from anywhere in the house but, when I really want some peace and quiet, I escape to the study upstairs at the back of the house. Officially a ‘sunroom’ because it has windows on three sides, it feels like you’re perched up in the treetops here. It’s a very calming space to work and think.

This is actually the least finished room in our house. We painted it a couple of years back, choosing a sage green to blend in with the views outside as much as possible. But otherwise, the place is a bit of a mishmash of leftover furniture. The plan is to turn it into a combined guest room / office very shortly as the old guest room is becoming a toddler bedroom, so it will get some attention then.

I like complete calm when I work, so having a clear, uncluttered space is important. I just have a few essentials out: pens, notepad, clock, cup of tea and my laptop. Everything else gets stowed away.

I’m not one for inspiration boards. I find fresh flowers and the view outside serve as enough inspiration. I suppose the view is what hotels would euphemistically call a ‘garden view’, but I love it. You can see over rows of houses right up to the trees in Golden Gate Park.

I do like to have lots of books and magazines around for inspiration though. The bookshelves from Room and Board were an absolute essential first buy when we moved in. I have stacks and stacks of interiors magazines dating back to 2002 (and there would have been more but I couldn’t justify shipping them from England when we moved!).

There’s not a lot of wall space for art in this room – it’s mostly windows – but we do have one piece here. It’s a collage by my husband’s grandmother, who was a talented artist. It’s called Rhythms and is intricately made of tiny pieces of paper. I think it’s really clever and quite beautiful.

So that’s it. Thanks for inviting me to share my blogging space, Jane!

Thanks Lucy!
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