This weekend, I didn't really see anybody. But I really enjoyed small moments of interaction. I made the flower market lady laugh after she was harassed by a wealthy customer who just wanted something for free. And I chatted in the bakery about the merits of the perfect Portugese custard tart (there are many). I talked to the ladies at Hollace Cluny about Heath Ceramics and Lindsey Adelman's DIY. And I grinned back at the kid who took a sudden shine to me and just stared and smiled for as long as I was in sight.

Sometimes, I wonder if I've become more reclusive since I live alone or if I live alone because I'm so reclusive. But, I think it's more that I'm the same with company as with most things: I'd rather quality over quantity. And I find real beauty in the strangers who routinely fill out my world, even though I'll never get to know them any better.

Image from Amalia Ulman's Flickr
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