I've developed a new habit of walking home from work. Not every single night and not necessarily the whole way (it's a 7 mile distance). But, once I set out, I seem to keep going. And it's so nice to walk out of the office and keep walking, rather than stand outside waiting for a bus. And it's also nice not to put myself through the vagaries of the transit system. I get home in an altogether different state.

I added lots of images to my Tumblr this week. There were so many lovely things in my reader that I couldn't resist. As always, you'll find links to the source-blogs with each image. Please click through and spend time on these blogs - they all offer repeat inspiration!

Over on ReadyMade, I blogged two different outfits, one inspired by the basic striped tee and the other by a drawstring dress from the Vanessa Bruno Athe collection I blogged about here earlier in the week. These outfit posts are going to be a weekly event, so if you have any requests, leave a comment over on ReadyMade! There were other posts too - you can see them all here.

And elsewhere around blogland: My mouth positively waters every time I look at this recipe from Lottie & Doof. And I adored this Sneak Peek over on Design*Sponge. I think a bow place setting is genius (and utterly doable) and these hooks really appeal to me. I really want a pair of earrings from Mociun Fine Jewellery, though I really am on a spending fast. I also think this room is something very special indeed. And I want to steal this doggy and his bed. Such a dote!

I've got a busy weekend lined up, brimming with work. But I'm hoping to slip out to a yoga class too (I haven't been so good at getting to those the last few weeks) and have some quiet reading time.
Are you up to anything exciting? Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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