Where we blog from: Simplesong

Simplesong is one of those blogs that just makes everything in life seem a little lighter. Suann Song is not only a talented letterpress designer she also has a keen eye for objects with an easy and happy stylishness to them, from beautiful floral arrangements to adorable kids clothing. In a blog-world where I sometimes feel like I've seen the same thing twenty times in one day, Suann can be counted on to turn up something new and exciting. This is where Suann blogs from and what she has to say about it...

This is my home office where I work and blog from daily (I have a small design and letterpress studio). My office space is located at the front of our home where we get really good lighting -- probably the favorite thing about my space. There are a few must-haves I have for my space...

1. A lot of shelving, drawers, boxes, etc. to keep things organized. Having a paper-related business I have a lot of "stuff" and I try to keep it as organized as possible.

2. Notebooks. I love them and have a ton of them and keep them everywhere in my office and home so that I can jot down little ideas or tasks.

3. Fresh flowers. I try to have fresh flowers as often as possible, especially in the winter. Because I spend so much time in my office its a nice little luxury that can really brighten my day.

4. Bits of inspiration. I have little bits of inspiration.

Thanks Suann!
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