Where we blog from: 36 Shea

I first discovered Jill Bent through Mrs French's I heart Monday series and quickly nabbed one of her lovely tote bags. And, since then, I've followed her blog 36 Shea and thoroughly loved her aesthetic. Her Etsy store is one of my favourites (a Jill Bent scarf is on my wishlist!) and I'm completely jealous of the shelf in her workspace. One of my favourites so far: I'm so excited to share where Jill blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I usually blog from my sewing studio, which is also the guest bedroom, located on t
he third floor of my home. Because it's in the attic, the ceilings are sloped, the walls are textured by one hundred year old plaster, and the floor has wide golden pine floors. I have one south facing window, which gives me great light, especially on a sunny day.

My computer shares a table with my sewing machine and I switch back and forth from computer to sewing depending on what I'm working on. My work table originally belonged to my parents. We used it in our kitchen when I was growing up, and there are still scratches and letters my brother and I carved in at some point. I almost always have a mug of tea by my side when I'm working here. At the moment it's green tea.

On the wall above my table I have an ever changing rotation of photos and artwork from some of my favorite bloggers. Right now I have work by HelloHandmade Paperie, Ah-yi, Abby Powell Thompson, Maria Vettese, Elizabeth Barker, and Rebekah Dortmund. Camilla Engman'scalender downloaded from Design*Sponge is the wallpaper on my laptop.

For me, this room is filled with inspiration for both blogging and sewing. I keep a shelf on the wall opposite my work table filled with a collection of finished work, on-going projects, fabric and yarn I want to use in the future and a collection of my favorite vintage and antique items of the moment. Thanks so much for hosting me, Jane!

It was fun to share my space with you all!

Thank you Jill!
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