Top blogs of 2009

I read more than 300 blogs and I enjoy every single one. The minute I think I've captured the best of the best, another blog explodes onto my awareness, trailing with it an entirely new circle of blogs I can't believe I was oblivious to. So, narrowing down my Top 10 of 2009 is no mean feat. Nevertheless, I wanted to single out those blogs that blow me away and fill my days with inspiration.

The stand-out thing about the blogs on this list is the bloggers themselves and the connection I have felt with them over the last year. Not only do they blog beautifully. They also have a voice and distinct personality. And each in their own unique way inspires me. Whether it's for fashion, decor, poetic posting or a beautiful medley of everything, in unranked order, these are my top blogs of 2009:

Silent Storyteller
What beautiful happenstance: When I was in Ireland, I wandered into Bow Boutique in Powerscourt townhouse and picked up their store postcard and googled one of the names, Eilis Boyle. Her blog, Silent Storyteller has quickly become an integral part of my blogworld. Eilis is a stunning designer, a lively and intelligent blogger and has a profound and nostalgic sense of style. (Photography by Veronique Lujy, Paris / Knitwear by Eilis Boyle)

How could it be a fave list without {frolic!}? This year, Chelsea gets special mention for her amazing Swedish adventure and her willingness to share it all with us, allowing those of us stuck in a cubicle to live vicariously through her. To give due credit, Chelsea works very hard so she can have this lifestyle, sometimes making big sacrifices to get where she's going. I admire her for this discipline and dedication as much as the beauty of her posts. (Photography by Chelsea)

Heart of Light
Fabulous crafts? Check. Pretty hairbands? Check. Friday flowers? Check. Recipes galore? Check. How does Rachel keep it together with all that on her plate? Well she shares that too. This is a beautifully written blog and each thoughtful post is accompanied by photographs with light so perfect, they'd make a grown man weep. Need another reason? - Terrier nose. (Photography by Rachel).

Camp Comfort
When I think about how I want to dress on a day-to-day basis, I always hop over to Camp Comfort. Roberta's blog helpfully deconstructs and reassembles looks that are wearable and chic. For me, the canvas tote bag embodies this style. I love canvas totes. And all of Roberta's looks would work with a canvas tote; casual and easy, but still hip and with a slight edge. (Look assembled by Roberta Jane)

Reading My Tea Leaves
If I needed a reminder to always carry a camera (I do, I'm useless about it), Reading My Tea Leaves provides the appropriate smack of the forehead. I was delighted to be able to share a bit of my downtown with Erin this year. But it's Erin's affectionate eye for her own downtown that reminds me to get more in touch with my city and arm myself so that I can capture those moments. (Photography by Erin).

Even Cleveland
I have to admit, where Stephanie is concerned I have a bit of a girl-crush. There's seemingly nothing she doesn't know about and share through her blog, Even Cleveland. She understands my obsessive little Beckett fixation. She can put together an ace ensemble. She's a wicked crafter. She even lived in Dublin! And in 2009, she moved to New York and has remained her same, wonderfully unaffected self. Could she be cooler? - No. Not one iota.

Katy Elliott
Renovating a 257-year-old house in Marblehead, Massachusetts is no mean feat. Katy Elliott is doing just that and sharing the process - warts and all - with us as she goes. If you've ever fantasized about renovating an old home, this blog is a must read. But she goes beyond that. This blog showcases some amazing products, local artists, artisans and food-producers. Because, of course, antiquing trips are bound to work up a healthy appetite for whoopie pies! (Photography by Katy)

Soul Aperture
Soul Aperture offers the blog equivalent of a big bearhug. Christina's posts leave you feeling enveloped with soulful warmth, complete calm. She brings out that "what a wonderful world" awe in me. Christina is my constant and much-needed reminder to slow down and feel the love. (Photography by Christina)

Forty-Sixth at Grace
Forty-Sixth at Grace is a blog of pure poetry. Nikole and I live in the same town and I sometimes think that if I experienced the city the way she does, my days would be a whole lot nicer. I tend to be incredibly introspective, always reflecting inwards, often knotted up in my own emotions. Nikole serves as a little reminder to look outwards more. And some of the beauty around me now includes her Dad's lovely turnings, which Nikole sells here. (Photography by Nikole)

In my humble opinion, Remodelista is the very best interior design blog out there. Super professional, super clean with a super consistent aesthetic (that happens to completely coincide with my own). Yes, that's a lot of "super". When I'm getting down to the nitty gritty of decorating, this blog is my be-all and end-all, for inspiration, style-checking and sourcing. (Image from Remodelista)

Thanks to all the bloggers who daily inspire me. And a special thanks also to all those bloggers who participated in my "Where we blog from" series. I loved getting to know you all better in 2009. And I can't wait to watch all your blogs go from strength to strength in 2010. I also can't wait to discover that next as-yet unknown blog just waiting to blow away my little mind!
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