Happy New Year!

I'm signing off for New Year's and will be back to regular posting on Monday. I don't want to dwell on what 2009 has been, but I'm really excited for things to come in 2010. And I look forward to sharing it with you.

Happy New Year, dear friends! I hope all your dreams come through in 2010.

You must be blue in the face from me blogging about resolutions (here and here) but this is the final, ultimate list of things I want to accomplish in 2010.
- Properly decorate bedroom
- Travel to Iceland
- Get driving license
- Work on some new blog features
- Take at least one photograph every day
- Go to a show, play or new restaurant once per month
- Don't dwell on jerks
- Do some chores on week nights so weekends aren't all work
- Plan a gallery-going weekend in NYC
- Integrate fitness into daily life, especially in winter months
- Try one new recipe per week
- Remain calm and centred in new social situations
- Save up before spending
- Do work that makes me happy and rewards me duly
- Get more houseplants
- Try to believe praise as well as criticism
- Reread more old books, as well as reading new ones
- Travel to Portland / San Francisco
- Do yoga minimum once per week
- Keep one eye on long term goals, beyond 2010

Image credits: 1. making christmas, 2. It's over yet I remember first day that I saw your face., 3. city of dreaming books, 4. I have to say something, I made up my mind, don't need look past your eyes.
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