Fun resolutions

Isn't it a dreadful commentary on our lives that we have to make lists of fun resolutions. I mean, shouldn't fun things spontaneously just happen to us? Shouldn't we be actively seeking them out at all times? But the day-to-day can be so consuming and draining that the fun things that we work so hard for can often be left by the wayside. In 2009, I learned the hard way the consequences of too much work and not enough planning for fun. So, when Courtney tweeted yesterday that she was making a fun list of the things she wants to do, I promised her I'd share mine too!

1. Travel: My travel wishlist is growing again... Iceland (booked for June 2010!), San Francisco and Portland, weekends away (NYC, Chicago). Beyond 2010: Ireland (every two years minimum), New Zealand, Patagonia... and on, and on.

2. Take Driving lessons (I don't have my license - eep!) and then get Zipcar account and go gallivanting.

3. Write & photograph: I'm happiest when I'm writing, especially when I'm in a habit of it. I need to set time aside for routine creative writing. And I have six cameras for pity's sake. I should always have one with me!

4. Apartment: Paint apartment and properly decorate, especially neglected bedroom. Invest in some of those "will have forever" pieces I lust after constantly.

5. Socialize: My solitary inclinations bite me in the ass every once in a while. There must be a balance. I'm pretty sure this involves eating at nice restaurants with nice people and nice wine. Life is hard.

6. Let it all go: Sometimes the hardest thing for me is slowing down my heart and letting myself feel truly relaxed without nagging thoughts of the week to come or where I am in relation to the things I want.

The biggest obstacle to doing fun things is this constant feeling I have that nothing I do is as good as I want it to be. To really enjoy these fun resolutions, I really need to accept where I am and who I am. And stop fantasizing about this parallel Jane who has none of my silly little issues. This part isn't fun, but it will make or break the fun resolutions.

I do have some non-fun resolutions too. They mostly boil down to money and fitness. Oh so predictable and constant in those spheres! So now, your turn: What's on your fun to-do list? And what's standing in your way??

Image from pathings' Flickr
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