Even though I'm working right through the holidays, today feels like the last work day of the year. I'm hoping the next fortnight is a clear and calm and that my work days settle into a more relaxed rhythm. This week my to do list beat me every single day. I feel like a huge failure when I can't accomplish everything I set out to do on a given day. So this weekend, I'm hoping to get caught up again and look a little more kindly on myself.

But some things made me happy this week too: One of my favourite things in the world is that I'm in touch with one of my undergraduate profs. He's one of the few people I've ever met who I feel I don't have to explain myself to. Throughout the year, he sends me papers he's written. I got his Christmas card yesterday and a paper on Conscience & Moral Psychology. I can't wait to read it over the weekend!

And my friend Laura came over and we cooked dinner and exchanged gifts. She made me this amazing Looped Loop (I had no idea it was for me when she blogged it, the sneaky devil!) and gave me a DVD of Wendy & Lucy, which I've only partially seen but know I will love in a for-all-time way.

I've been neglecting my blog reader this week a little (actually, I have been going through it, but starring the posts I want to come back and read or comment on), so I want to catch up on all the goodness around the blogosphere too. But, I do want to send a huge congrats to so many of my favourite bloggers who made it onto the 50 Best Blogs list from the Times Online. Bravo each of you! And, laurelled or not, blogger and reader, I wish you all a lovely weekend.

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