I'm just so tired this week. I feel like I need to do something to help myself really relax, not just race through a weekend of socializing and chores and find myself back on Monday's doorstep and doing it all again. I have a bit of the cubicle fatigue right now. Commuting to the office is so much more difficult in winter and every sad bit of office decor seems a little sadder when it's dark at four o'clock.

Though the day-to-day is difficult, I can feel a little burst of hope in my brain. It would be good to put some kind of framework around that this weekend. Just articulating what it is you really want can be the most difficult part. There's so much wishlisting and bartalk. But what is it I want? Maybe I'll think about that when I go for a massage or something this weekend. Or maybe I won't think and it will just come to me.

Other than that, the regular chores will be done. Coffee will be drunk and words will be read and shed onto pages. I don't think I'll shop. I think I have a bit of that fatigue too. Maybe I'll watch a good documentary or movie. Have you seen something you loved lately? Something smart and moving?

I'm hoping you're all feeling a little less wrecked than I am and have serene, beautiful things planned for your weekend and that you enjoy every minute of it.

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