I'm so excited for this weekend because I'm putting up my Christmas decorations. I haven't fully decided exactly what I'm doing (tree or no tree?) but I'm giddy to hit the garden centre and flower market and see what tugs at me.

An amazing week around the blogosphere: Did you see Stephanie's salt dough ornaments over on Katy's blog? And Stephanie opened an Etsy store too (for those of us a lot less crafty than she is). And I loved these decorations and this driftwood wreath too and this simple garland stole my heart too.

Also, can we pause for a second and reflect on the garden room from this post? Doesn't it seem like the most utterly perfect place (it reminds me of Andie McDowell's aparment in Green Card - the only thing I remember from that movie!)

But, more than all these, two epic things eclipsed all the seasonal glitz: First, Rachel's striped icebergs. I swooned and sent them to everybody. And second, and most importantly, your reactions (here, on twitter, on kirtsy and on your blogs) to my little book. I've rarely felt so much love and support flowing towards me. This little blogosphere thing... it's really pretty amazing eh? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Have the loveliest weekend, all of you. xxx

Image credits: 1. white, 2. tampere, cafe vatruska, 3. country bed, 4. my grandmother's home
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