Festive decorating

As promised, I did some decorating over the weekend. Initially I resolved not to get a tree and I filled a glass vase with some branches and hung my favourite ornaments off them. I think it makes a sweet little corner and love the shadows cast by the branches.

But then I hit the florist in search of some greenery and saw the dinkiest little tree, so I lugged it home giggling all the way and put it in my bullet planter. I also hung a little garland that I made from supplies from the Japanese Paper Place. My ornaments are a mixture of store-bought, handmade and heirloom. I love them all.

All around my apartment I placed little ornaments, stockings and candles. I do love a huge tree and mantle centrepiece too. But in an apartment, I prefer a sprinkling seasonal bits n' bobs all over the place. It gives the same feeling of saturation without the strain on space.

And as I type I'm looking up at the CN Tower all lit up like a candycane. Yes, it is really starting to feel a lot like Christmas! More pictures over on Flickr.

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