December is upon us! I can hardly believe that I got to the end of November in Toronto without once donning my winter coat. Much as I'm happy to prolong the (relative) warmth, it somehow doesn't feel quite right.

Remember I posted about resolutions in October? I've been keeping them in mind since then, doing lots of prep work for 2010. I know it sounds like some kind of self-codology (that's Irish for fooling myself), but I feel more in control because of this. Like 2010 won't be about breaking bad habits but continuing these good ones.

And I've set myself the goal of accomplishing as much as possible of the holiday madness before December 9th. I've done all my shopping and written all my cards. I'll decorate my apartment this weekend. And then... Then, I'll relax and try to digest what has been a mixed bag of a year. And I'll come up with schemes and adventures for the year to come.

I hope you find some quiet moments during this busy month too. And, if not quiet, truly joyful. The kind where you lose yourself and forget whether you were planning it or not. Happy December!

Image from Jill Willcott's Flickrstream
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