Collateral damage

I sent off a big box of presents to Ireland on the weekend and officially declared my seasonal shopping complete. I did not, however, escape unscathed. I'm afraid I gave into some something-for-you, something-for-me temptation along the way. Still, when the postman grins and asks, "more shopping Miss Flanagan?" I'll smile demurely and say, "au contraire! Presents!!"

Here's what I fell prey to (and who is to blame):
1. Jewelry Box from Anthropologie (I'm blaming Mum for this one, I went in to Anthro looking for a little stocking filler for her)
2. Pedestal from Herriott Grace (I blame Nikole, her Dad and Twitter. But I'm delighted because my little Herriott Grace collection is thriving)
3. Quarter Horse Blouse (100% Mrs French's fault. And I can't resist a cute horsey)
4. Rifle Paper stationary (the blogosphere is to blame here, everybody simultaneously and justifiably posted these. Turns out I'm an eleven-year old girl when it comes to peer pressure over paper goods!)
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