Where we blog from: Vintage Simple

What can I say about Maria of Vintage Simple? I could tell you how much I love her home. There's something so soothing and warm about it. It's one of those rare homes that makes me want to abandon my own style altogether and just let somebody else do it all for me. I know I could be perfectly happy there. Or, I could tell you about her blog. How it calms and inspires me and helps me articulate my own style.

But, much as I adore her home and her blog, I've warmed to Maria herself even more. So much of what we do when we blog is about putting our best face forward. I wonder sometimes how much of the true us we really show. But Maria displays such incredible openness and honesty, integrity and charm that I'm sure this is the real her - somebody I'm happy to count as one of my blog friends. This is where Maria blogs from and what she has to say about it...

For the most part, I blog from our kitchen... It has a large, butcher block island where I can spread out magazines, photos and little things that inspire me. It also opens right into the den - a very convenient thing, since no matter where I go, Noah seems to follow along... So, combined with the den, and the many windows and double doors connecting to the backyard, the kitchen is a space big enough for us to spend time together without being right on top of one another. Plus, the light is beautiful and it feels very secluded being tucked away in the back of the house... It's a really cozy place to write from - even with the rather constant interruptions from a certain inquisitive 5-year-old boy.

Thanks Maria!
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