Where we blog from: Sacramento Street

Most of the blogs I've featured on "Where we blog from" are ones I've read for a long time. But this week, I'm featuring a brand new addition to my reader. When Caitlin of Sacramento Street e-mailed me, I immediately checked out her blog and accepted her offer to participate in "Where we blog from". I was curious to see if her space was as elegant and lovely as her blog. It is and she is too! This is where Caitlin blogs from and what she has to say about it.

Welcome to a cozy corner of my apartment that I can ke
ep messy or neat (mostly neat). It’s located in the dining room of our small apartment, but because it’s in the dining room it reminds me of when I was little; I used to do projects and homework near the kitchen so I could talk to my mom while she cooked.

When I saw this desk at West Elm, I knew it had to come home with me. It’s the perfect size for the time being, even though it’s lately been covered with wedding contracts, sample invitations, ripped out pages of magazines and stacks of magazines to inspire me for the wedding.

All of the little items on my desk come from places I’v
e traveled to around the world; the vase from Paris, notebook from London, world calendar from Ashland, and the drawing from Portland. Every item on my desk has sentimental value. I find that decorating with things you find when you travel gives you inspiration and creativity.

I’ll tell you the truth; I find it a little hard to blog every day with a full time job, but with this cozy desk at home it seems to work out just fine.

Thanks Caitlin!
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