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Anybody who has been blogging for a long time will know there are times when it gets tough. It truly takes a lot of work to do what we do. And though many deserve it, it's the tiny minority who are able to make a living off their blogs. Nibs was one of my favourite blogs for the longest time. Then Martha stopped blogging. We stayed in touch even after she shut up shop. Because that's what blog friends are like; it's a crazy supportive group.

There's no bitchy killer instinct in our corner of the blogosphere. Maybe it's a female thing (though I'm reluctant to exclude the (few) guys who I count as my blog friends too). Whatever it is, I think that means that we create highly individualized and uniquely inspirational blogs. Sure,
we have a lot in common. But we sing in our own voices. Martha's voice was one of my favourite. And so it made my day when she reopened Nibs. This is where Martha blogs from and what she has to say about it.

Initially I began writing 'Nibs' in our attic family room, but we had some work done on the sheet rock and I ended up having to move into the small guest room. A table was already there just right for my iMac. A wooden trunk holds the printer. It's a tight fit, but thankfully I'm not disturbed by the other members of the family... except for maybe Jasper (our dog) who likes to sleep under the table. The repairs were made in the attic months ago, but as you can see, I haven't bothered to move back.

In case you're curious-
a. & b. I love wallpaper. Here the walls are covered in two papers- a vintage Laura Ashley floral (top) that I bought when I worked for the company and the other (below chair rail) that mimics stenciled leaves.
c. A drawing my mother did in art school.
d. Grandma's framed needlepoint.
e. I can't stand spending money on something when I can do it myself. I made both the fabric-covered shade and...
f. ...the all-fabric roller blind using Stiffy.
g. This is just the 'tip of the iceberg' with my magazine collection. The rest are stored in the den and basement. God forbid when we have to move!
h. Jasper refused to pose. His mid-morning nap was more important.

Thanks Martha!
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