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Many of you will know the joy that comes from a blogger unexpectedly blogging about you. When Jen of The Haystack Needle blogged about me last June, I discovered one of my new favourite blogs. That's the thing about the blogworld. Just when you've carved out a little pocket of blogs and bloggers, your world expands slightly. And you realize there are so many other amazing pockets out there. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming... so many people out there brilliantly blogging away. But mostly it's inspirational.

If you're stuck in one of those blogging ruts thinking that we all post and repost the same thing over and over, try dipping into another blogging pocket. You'll likely find a whole new world and new set of obsessions. Jen's blog was that for me. She's sweet and creative and beautifully different. And I'm so glad to have found her. This is where Jen blogs and what she has to say about it.

We just recently moved into a loft space in Brooklyn. It's fantastic to have 16 foot ceilings, but the space also had its share of challenges. There's a really narrow room set off the living space, which is my workspace. It took us moving our bookcase five times to find the right spot (thankfully it's on wheels), and Dan and I definitely played musical chairs with our furniture for a while until all the pieces — desk, crafting table, the set of card catalog drawers + box of tools, a big bookcase, wood soda crate of paint, and chairs — seemed to work together in this narrow space.

Surprisingly, I don't feel cramped no matter where I'm sitting. My favorite part of the space is the light. It's bathed in light throughout the day.I just got set up with my very first desk at home. It makes working and blogging so much easier. Blogging from a sofa or bed is just not for me.

After searching for a couple months for just the right desk, I finally stumbled upon a perfect fit in Nightwood. Myriah of Nightwood made a custom desk for me out of reclaimed wood. The process itself was so fun — choosing the tone of wood for the patchwork top, helping decide on the legs and frame, and knowing I'm getting a piece that's the exact fit for me. I also had Myriah put a shelf in my desk, which I'm using to store a box of photo negatives, a metal box of receipts, and some pieces of birch I keep around as props.

At some point, I want to get a scanner/printer and that will go on the shelf. I just adore my desk. I'm so happy I waited and wound up with this amazing handcrafted desk out of gorgeous reclaimed wood. Myriah put so many details in — from a piece of wood that has a stenciled number 34 to these pretty gray pieces of wood that add character.As you can see from the photos, minimal is not a word that describes me. This is as empty as the desk gets.

I love being surrounded by little bits of inspiration. A blank wall or blank desk would be distracting to me. I adopted my Rocket typewriter for a mere $22 from a thrift shop in Maine. The typewriter is waiting on a new ribbon, but she still gets prime real estate on the desk because I'm so excited to start using her. The inspiration board propped on my desk is from the Etsy shop Blue Bell Bazaar. It's a vintage 1920s clipboard, and it's the perfect size to tuck in a mix of photos and cards that I can change out when I get bored.

The desk light is actually from PB Teen. I'm always jotting down notes, so I keep a notebook with me at all times. My current notebook love is from Cafe Cartolina. I'm old-fashioned in some ways, and I actually like to look up words I'm unsure about in a real dictionary. So I have a dictionary and thesaurus on my desk, even though I know the info's easily found with a Google search. I feel like I remember a word better if I look it up in the dictionary.

Back by the window is my crafting table, which is a simple stainless steel chef's table from a restaurant supply store in the city. I can get it messy and it doesn't matter! The industrial stool was in Dan's dad's garage, and it made the trip down from Maine this summer.To the left of my desk is a set of apothecary style drawers that were once part of a card catalog — the drawers were one of my favorite finds from the Brimfield antique market. I have the drawers filled with hardware and crafting supplies. The top gray box holds big tools. I love having everything handy — it makes it so much easier to start a project when you don't have to hunt down a screwdriver. My beloved Tivoli radio is my constant companion when I'm working from home. I like to listen to NPR.

Above the stack of drawers is the start of a gallery wall. I finally started to get my art off the floor and into some pretty grouping on the wall. I have a couple of frames yet to order for larger prints, and I like the fact that there will be space — the gallery has room to grow. Maybe by the end of our time here, the whole wall will be filled with favorite prints and photos.

One big thing my workspace is missing is greenery. I'd love to get a few plants in here, maybe a terrarium. I should probably put up a sheer curtain or something in the window, but right now, I can't bear to lose any of the sunshine. It's such a welcome treat after years of cubicle offices.

Thanks Jen!
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