Waiting for Beckett

Every once inawhile I want to post something and I think to myself, but nobody will care about this except me. But then I remember that this is my blog so I'll post what a goddamn like! (Plus, I really hope there are some of you who love Beckett as much as I do.)

Yesterday, I was looking at Beckett portraits (by Jane Bown and Tom Philips and John Minihan) and discovered this documentary in my Google results. I just about keeled over with excitement when I found it. I truly thought I had consumed every Beckettan piece of information out there. And it contains actual footage of Beckett himself at work! How did I not know about this?!

Obviously, I ordered Waiting for Beckett immediately. I cannot wait to see it!

This image is by
John Minihan. I've wanted to buy it for the longest time!
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