Ultimate wishlist

There are certain objects that I likely will never buy, but that I fantasize regularly about owning. Part of me thinks I should just plan to buy them during significant times, when I get that pay increase, or turn a certain ripe old age. And part of me thinks they're meant to be lusted after... and that I've attached so much to the idea of them, owning them could never measure up. But most often, I look for a middle ground. Something that will give me a taste of what it is I love about these things, without the gross expenditure associated with them.

What's on your ultimate wishlist?

Ted Muehling candlesticks for E.R. Butler, best displayed en masse.

The BDDW Flower Bed. The single biggest objection to any other bed I ever consider buying.

Most people get fine china when they marry. I'm not married and I wouldn't opt for china. I'd get a full
collection from Heath Ceramics. And, to go with that, I'd get cutlery from Georg Jensen.

Serious art. I love Christopher Pratt, Riopelle, Shawn Downey, Louis le Brocquy... If I won the lotto, I would hit the galleries. Big. Time.

Clothes seem so fleeting compared to these things. And body issues often get in the way of out-and-out fashion fantasies. But, more than that, I don't aspire to luxury clothing in the same way. Sure, I'll fork out for cashmere once in awhile. But it's not about whose name is on the label.

And when it comes to jewelry, I mostly fantasize about sentimental things. Bling seems so very obvious, and so very boring. It's true, I went through a serious watch-lust phase when I would have chosen a Cartier over a diamond ring. But now, neither would appeal.

So, while I somewhat abhor my obsession with the objects listed above, I'm also pretty proud that it's such a select and enduring list. Though, that alone, does not make it any more likely that I'll actually own these things. But sure, this is a blog. And what's a blog for, if not to dream?
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