The simple things

Christina of the beautiful blog Soul Aperture came up with a list of her favourite simple things in life and invited any other bloggers to create a similar list today. I love listmaking and I love Christina's soulful and at-ease approach to everything. Her writing all calms me and talks me down from my more highly-strung, frantic moments (I have many of those). See the list of other participants here.

My list is an old one. I wrote it when I was in Ireland, waiting to emigrate and trying to capture the kind of life I wanted to live. Whenever I'm feeling full of doubt or that I've gone off course I go back to it. It's my touchstone. The me I imagined when I had complete freedom to imagine. I tweaked it a tiny bit for today's post. But surprisingly, six years later, the vast majority of it holds just as true as the day I wrote it...

Water, horses leaning into the crook of my neck, wet earth & sweat pea, walking, galleries, shopping baskets, friends for dinner, markets, Beckett, clean sheets, old university campuses, solo dance parties, coffee pots, darkroom evenings, park benches, cookbooks, blankets, errand lists, ink and paper, housekeeping, musty bookshops, leaning my head back, magnolia trees, being kisssed on the mouth, bathtime, kitchen utensils, herb pots, smiling dogs, cracking the spine of a new book, fairy cakes, curling my toes with laughter.

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