Recent acquisitions

Sometimes, when I buy something and don't blog about it I feel like I'm withholding from you! Here are some of my recent acquisitions:

I'm doing a little mini-reno on my bathroom. Mostly this consists of painting the walls, but the prep on my 1930's wall is exacerbating. Once the painting is done, I'm going to put some pretty film on my huge window. I feel for this one by Emma Jeffs at Modern Karibou.

And, while I was on Modern Karibou I couldn't resist a little browsing of their Dwellstudio inventory. I'm tempted by this bath mat, but will hold off for now. And, of course, Dwell bedding is a constant fave. For now, though, I settled for these lovely napkins. Completely my colours!

Finally, don't you love this tote from Etsy seller Darcyart? My tote collection is ridiculous, but apparently there's no stopping me. And this shopping list is perfection. I do so love me a pamplemousse!

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