Personality goes a long way

This home is super sweet. And I smiled as I scrolled through the images. But there's so much here that I wouldn't pick. I would never pick rattan chairs. Nor the tasseled sconce and pendant. But this is one of those magical homes where all that is overruled. Why? Because it's got personality. It's got it in spades. Even through the photos I can tell the people living there have imbued every inch of this home with cheer and lightness. And so it doesn't matter so much that the rattan chair isn't my first pick.

I think this is one of the most important decorating (or dressing) lessons we can learn. Because what are the odds you'll ever be perfectly happy with every last thing you own. And how relatable are those spaces where every last thing is perfect anyway? I'd take the cheer of this home over design perfection any day. Because personality, my friends, goes a long, long way.

And, yes, I'm going through every single house tour on Hus & Hem right now!

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