Gosh, the weeks are just tearing by! I painted my bathroom this week. A bit like my mini kitchen reno, this was one of those projects that makes me rue living in a building with "character" (read: 1930's crumbling walls). Two days of prep and 6 coats of paint. My bathroom is probably smaller as a result of the extra paint layers, but it still feels nice and clean.

I made some headway on my other projects too and should be able to share something soon enough. And I had lots of fun writing my guest post for From the Right Bank. I've never been sou
th of NYC, so attempting to tap into Atlanta style was fun and I was chuffed to get the nod from real Atlantans!

Around the blogosphere this week: I found wedding gowns that I actually covet (yay for sleeves!) And Remodelista did it again with another perfect-for-me abode. On those walls, I would definitely hang some of these laser prints, spotted over at For Me, For You. I'd also display this 1876 solar system quilt. And on the table, I would place these pieces from the new Alessi collection - isn't the photography reminiscent of William Bailey's artwork?

I don't have much planned for the weekend. I might try out a recipe from Babycakes (inspired, as always, by Anabela). But, enough about me! What are you up to? Regale me with your plans for epic adventure and conquest!

Image credits: 1. peaches, 2. oh baby spoons, i love you., 3. fresh bed, 4. Untitled
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