Every day this week, I thought it ought to be the following day. Never has a week dragged so. I thought the clock change would be to my favour, but it kicked my ass nevertheless. Walking out of the office to a dark sky every evening exhausted me beyond words.

So, this weekend is very much anticipated and wished for. I think I'm going to shop for crafting supplies and make plans for holiday decorations. I know it's early, but these things creep up so quickly and good intentions are too easily sucked away...

There's so much change in the air these days. Have I told you that I'm not good with change? Unless I'm the instigator, I hate it. It shakes me from sleep and makes me hold my breath. People changing before my eyes and me powerless to hold onto my place. And not wanting to have to hold on. But it makes me wistful and sad. Knowing that this is the way things end.

But, even when I want to go completely turtle on life, there's a part of my brain that finds something to be excited about, plans hatching, words being shed onto pages. I'll try to focus on those things this weekend too.

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