Crown nut roast

It's coming up that time of year when it gets really, really difficult to be vegetarian. Every magazine cover is a constant reminder that vegetarian guests are a nuisance (as these two MSL's show. Seriously is that the same prop turkey two years later?) I'm not a dogmatic vegetarian - I don't think get preachy and try to convert everybody. And, as much as anybody else, I like to sit at a big table and break bread with friends and family over the holidays.

But vegetarian lasagna just doesn't quite feel festive. Anybody with a restrictive diet will understand the awkwardness of standing out at a table. It's no fun to have to defend your food while you try to enjoy it. Or to hear those Tofurkey jokes for the fourth year running (no, we don't think it's very good either).

If you're catering for a vegetarian this year, this Crown Nut Roast my seasonal favourite. It's dead simple. It contains chestnuts and you serve it with cranberry sauce. What could be more festive? Believe me, everybody will want some, so the fact this serves twelve won't go to waste. And, if you can manage to keep some of your side dishes vegetarian too, your veggie guest will feel very welcome indeed...
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