2010 Calendars

I'm passing all credit (and blame) for this post on to Nole of Oh So Beautiful Paper. She posted the most epic trilogy of calendar posts these last few weeks and each one did a little more damage to my wallet (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). For the last two years, I've bought a letterpress calendar for my home, my office and numerous friends. My home one is displayed on a little brass easel that I'm somewhat sentimental about reusing each year.

I wasn't quite as instantly smitten with the same paper company's 2010 offering, so was on the lookout for something new and different and Nole delivered in spades. I always check to make sure that I like the design for my birthday month (June) and this one from Parrot Press had a tandem bike, plus a horsey in September, so won hands down! I grabbed some others from Nole's posts too. They'll go into the stockings of some very nice people, so I won't give it all away yet!

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