Where we blog from: From the Right Bank

One of the best thing about the blogosphere (for me) is that you'll find people who completely get the things that you thought were idiosyncratic quirks nobody would ever get. Alek of From the Right Bank to the Left Coast and I very often find ourselves in magical agreement and that is always a special feeling.

But beyond that, Alek exhibits the most incredible innate style, a blend of Parisian chic and Westcoast au naturel that is hard to put down. It's no wonder she is lauded as one of the great tastemakers of the blogosphere and newly-appointed Apartment Therapy Seattle contributer! So I'm delighted to share a sneak of where Alek crafts her amazing, inspirational posts. This is where Alek blogs from and what she has to say about it...

This is a corner of my studio in our house. I recently moved my giant wooden worktable here so I could look out of the two corner windows while I'm working. It looks out onto our and our neighbor's garden and it's especially nice this time of year because everything is so green out there. I wanted a really big table as opposed to a desk because I tend to have a hundred different projects going at once and wanted a place to spread out. We found this one soon after we moved to Seattle and I like that it was made locally using local materials.

It's usually piled high with sketchbooks, magazines, art supplies, books and other random things. The table is also very deep and I've placed it so I can sit on either side, depending on whether I'm using the computer or not. I've turned the wall next to the window into an inspirational wall of sorts. I'll swap out images every now and then but I've had some of these pictures with me for years. I had big plans of covering the wall in cork or some other material but got impatient and just started tacking things directly onto the wall. I'll have a lot of spackling to do if we ever move(!)

Thanks Alek!
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