Powerscourt... and the roses!

Dad and I meandered around the gardens at Powerscourt Estate last Sunday. It's one of my favourite places, a perfect day-trip from Dublin and overlooking the Sugarloaf Mtn, which was a landmark from my childhood, when we lived in nearby Greystones.

When I did this (silly, but accurate) quiz, the Pegasus was my mythical spirit animal. I loved that because I've always been a horse-lover and thought a flying horsey was just about the best creature you could imagine. The Pegasus statues at Powerscourt are my favourite thing and I was really happy to get this shot.

But on this particular visit, it was the roses that blew me away the most. I didn't expect roses to be blooming in October and they were all so fragrant. Irish gardens have a wild and rangy feel, even when they are fairly coiffed. I think it's the sheer lushness of vegetation there. Everything seems to have something else growing on it, moss or lichen or ivy or heather. I love that sense and the fragrance it creates, at once earthy and sweet, damp and heavy. Many more photos on my Flickr!

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