Henrietta Street

Those of you who admired the recent Toast video, shot in Ireland, may specially enjoy a better look at one of the locations. I picked up the book Romantic Irish Homes on the weekend. I admit that prior to purchase, I cynically thumbed it in the bookshop, expecting the usual paddywhackery aimed at expats, but this book is very special indeed (click on images to see bigger).

The Georgian period house from the Toast video is located on Henrietta St on the northside of Dublin city centre. The street was originally laid out in 1729 and the houses are big by standards of the time, four or five bay wide. The residents were equally grand, including some of the wealthiest aristocratic families of Ireland.

The decline of the Irish economy in the 19th century led to the degeneration of this once venerated address and the homes were largely converted to tenements; Dublin slums. According to the authors, during this time a horse even lived at No. 14 Henrietta Street 9 (fancy stables indeed!) Thankfully in the latter quarter of the last century, the Irish Georgian Society strongly petitioned for the preservation of many such Dublin buildings.

The home shown here is being gradually restored by a private owner, as funds permit. I think it's clear from these images, that he will handle the restoration with respect for all the ages of the building and for its extremes of both grandeur and beautiful ruin.

Images from Romantic Irish Homes by Robert O'Byrne, with photography by Simon Brown, published by CICO Books.
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