Are you constantly reflecting on how you feel these days, self-evaluating every ache and throat tingle and headache? Wondering if you're hot because of the mild weather or if it's an inkling of fever? Irked every time somebody in the office sneezes or coughs. I'm simultaneously bored by flu-talk and completely paranoid.

But I felt really happy this week, filled with the quietude that stems from my decision earlier this week, letting myself make excited plans that aren't all hinged on a distant moving proposition, counting down the days to getting my new bed (secretly imbuing it with magical, life-altering properties).

It somehow feels like my apartment is new to me again - just letting myself think of staying here. I find myself daydremaing about painting and rearranging, hanging a pendant in my bedroom and fixing that window screen that bugs me so. And I'm planning to let my mind run riot with list-making and window-shopping this weekend. Immediate certainty about something is a nice feeling.

In the blog-world this week, I adored these blankets on Remodelista and images from Lyell on {this is glamorous}. I barely resisted buying one of Baggu's new Duck Bags (a matter of time, no doubt) and fell really hard for Wendy Bevan on {frolic!} And I treated myself to these shoes, which should arrive today, just in time for weekend happy feet!

Hoping you have a happy weekend too! And a Happy Halloween!

Image credits: 1. the wall through the hassie, 2. Untitled, 3. Untitled, 4. 27/05/2009
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