A funny week; trying to piece together my headwrecked mind after traveling always takes longer than I feel it ought to. I'm still dreaming dreams set in another place and I go into work every day not quite understanding the banality of fatigue and repetition, taking in the same tired landscape on my daily commute.

I simultaneously feel like I'm not quite myself and that I'm more completely myself than I've been for months.

But, my mind and mood are definitely lifted somehow and I feel like I want to write for the first time in many months and this weekend I might pull out the old notes and see if there's anything there. And, if not that, I'll certainly start something new and try and wrap my words around my mind and give utterance to those things I feel compelled to.

And I'll try and capture some of this Ontario Fall through the lens, before it slips away entirely. And I'll think about what can be accomplished between now and the end of the year, so I end in a place that makes me happy. And I'll blog a little, because I'm still overjoyed to be back and happy to talk to you all again.

And I'll hope you're all having a lovely weekend as well.

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