11th hour resolutions

I have this idea that October is a good month to take stock of the year and resolve to squeeze in any 11th hour resolutions before New Year panic hits. I started off this year well enough, but catapulted myself into all kinds of bad habits and moods. In retrospect, I wonder if I didn't dwell in actual depression for a couple of months.

All year I've wrestled with one major question: Stay or go. I love living in Toronto for many reasons, but I miss living in a city with landscape that transports me. I've wrestled with the idea of moving planning to be closer to the sea (the west coast of Canada) and with the idea of living an altogether more rural existence.

But after my trip home, the thought of moving quite so far away doesn't feel right. Toronto is a sweetspot for travel and I can easily nip home for just a week, something I wouldn't consider if I was staring down the flight time and stopovers from the west coast. Instead of moving, I must figure out how to travel more.

With the moving question resolved, I want to set 2010 up to be a great year by nailing down some good routines now:

- Sleep. Easy to underestimate the importance of this one. When I was at home, I slept so much better and I'm pretty sure the bed played a huge part in that. My own bed is getting old and was never really great to start out with. So, today I ordered a lovely new boxspring and mattress.

- Exercise. My friend Kirsten is a Pilates instructor and converted me to the idea of it. I think I'm going to sign up for a class at Stott. Being in classes - especially exercise classes - always exacerbates my shy side, but hopefully I'll take to it.

- Diet. What can I say about diet? When I'm good, I'm very, very good and when I'm bad I'm horrid. I have this idea of a wholesome diet with lots of cooking (I love cooking) that encompasses my good diet without being as restrictive and that stops me spiraling into a no-rules indulgence fest.

- Stress. I am not going to let myself get so stressed that work e-mails make me cry. It's just not worth it. And it doesn't change a goddamn thing, expect for negatively affecting sleep, exercise and diet. It's easier said than done, but I'm going to really try not to let stress back in.

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