Where we blog from: {frolic!}

This week's "Where we blog from" needs no introduction. Chelsea sets the bar for blogging, and living, with style and integrity. She's an amazing stylist, florist and party planner, has impeccable taste and is one of the sweetest blog friends I've made. If you haven't visited {frolic!} you need to get over there tout de suite!

Chelsea is normally in Portland. But, right now, she's on an epic adventure in Sweden, which she has just extended until December. I'm living vicariously through her every blog post, photo and tweet. So, I'm giddy as a schoolgirl to share where Chelsea blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Right now (and until December) I am blogging from the little cottage I am renting in Sweden. It sits in the side yard of my landlords. From one window, I see forest and from the other, a huge trampoline, that their kids often jump on. Outside, you can see the big slabs of granite that dot the landscape here. I blog right by the door because that’s where I get the best Internet connection! I always have my striped notebook, a planner that I made into a notebook for blogging. I write down ideas, plans, or names of shops or products when I come across them. I never leave home without it and I never blog without it. I always have to drink water, too. The Macbook is fairly new. I’ve previously been a PC owner but after many months, I finally saved enough pennies for this one and I love it. The cottage suits me to a T. It’s whitewashed, and there are little things that just seem like I was meant to be here. Like, the magazine rack above the desk. Thanks for letting me share my little corner of the blog world, Jane!

Thanks Chelsea!
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