Where we blog from: Even*Cleveland

Stephanie of Even*Cleveland is that brilliant, creative person who knows writers you haven't read (but should), music you haven't yet discovered (but need to) and films you should be watching instead of killing time on rubbish TV. Her first comment on my blog was on one of my Beckett posts, which instantly endeared her to me (nearly nobody comments on my Beckett rants!) And she has even lived in Dublin too.

Imminently, she's about to embark on a new epic adventure, upping sticks and moving to New York (check out her new digs!) So, although this will not be where she blogs from in a few weeks, I'm happy to share the Cleveland home where Stephanie has been blogging from and what she has to say about it...

I usually blog from my home studio - I have a hollow core door set on a pair of Ikea sawhorses that I use as a desk. It starts the week clean, but by Friday it is usually covered in whatever I am working on at the moment, along with whatever pieces of flotsam and jetsam I pick up on my daily perambulations and can't seem to see my way to throwing out. The wall behind my desk has some of my favorite images and little objects arranged so that I can see them every day. I guess you could say my workspace is just as much a magpie collecting spot as my blog.

Thanks Stephanie and good luck with the move!
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