Skona Hem exchange program?

It's very likely that Chelsea's "Where we blog from" set me off, but I've been trawling through Skona Hem archives lusting after places. I'm dying to paint my place crisp white and give myself a fresh decorating start, but am wondering about finding a new place too, so have been holding off.

This place is the epitome of that Swedish charm that Chelsea is capturing so beautifully in all her posts. I'm not sure how this cheerful style melds with my own (apart from the white walls), but I'd love to imbue some of this happiness in my next home.

I've been running myself ragged trying to hunt down Skona Hem in Toronto to no avail. If there are any Swedish readers who are dying to get their hands on Canadian House & Home or any other North American magazine, maybe we could do quarterly mailing exchanges?

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