Le Senechal

Did you get away this summer? If not, why not indulge in a little daydream holiday with me? We can stay at Hotel Le Senechal on the Ile de RĂ© near La Rochelle. There are so many lovely rooms, so many cute patios. I'll take one of the little houses thanks very much.

All the rooms feel both elegant and down-to-earth at once. Bright and airy bedrooms for midday naps and patios cozy, all lit up with fairy-lights, for late night drinks. We can rent bikes or go sailing during the day. I think a fortnight there would work wonders for us.

We'll come home reinvigorated and with fewer wrinkles. Yes, I really think this place might have anti-aging properties! And no doubt the decor would rub off on us too; our homes would magically shed their clutter and we'd find ourselves replicating those airy rooms, bringing a little piece of Le Senechal into our day-to-day life. Sigh!

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