It's hard to do anything but revel in this time of year. The produce is delicious. The days are crisp and sunny, the light my favourite kind - clear and cool. The fashion is warm and enveloping. I love transitional seasons the most - seeing those first leaves flutter to the ground, watching the angle of the sun shift a little every day, bringing dusk early and evenings perfect for snuggling up to.

Randomly, some old friends made contact this week and it was nice to hear people say they've been thinking about me. I think about people a lot more than I talk to them too. I reminisce about the past and hope happy things for them. And I think about the future too - the next season, Spring even, the changes I hope to make between now and then, the plans to set in motion. It's nice to reflect on the past and future while enjoying the days immediately at my fingertips. I feel balanced.

This week, I was swept away by these pretty ceramics and fell for this amazing Flickr stream and I loved the poem linked from this post. I listened to Joni and cracked the spine of a new book. And, while reading your lovely comments, I noticed a lot of new faces here and was excited to click through to profiles and discover new blogs, plus old blog friends returned. Finally, congrats to Meghan on winning the BBW pattern!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Image credits: 1. Translucence, 2. view, 3. secrets, 4. Automatism
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