My 4-day week flew and despite some bumps along the way, I've been in happy form. Sometimes I'm a complete mystery to myself... Is it the seasons or the stars that suddenly make my mood lighter, my appetite inclined towards healthy food, my bed dressed before I leave every morning?

And so much inspiration flew my way this week. I went crazy for this label spotted over at Olivet. And this shelving unit made a beeline straight to my inspiration folder... definitely a future project!

I was also delighted to contribute some creative writing over on Design Crush (thanks again Kelly!) and to pick some Bloggers Favourites for Simple Lovely (thanks to Joslyn!)

This weekend will be full of books and baking, cleaning and company. Hope you have a whole lot of loveliness planned for yourself.

Image credits: 1. brunch at kitchen little, 2. Los habitantes del muro..., 3. Va, 4. Folded Books
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