Where we blog from: Sweet Sassafras

One day, I'll learn to sew. I haven't done it yet, because I suspect I'll suck at it. I imagine myself sitting in a heap on the living room floor, tears burning my eyes because I can't seem to master a seemingly simple task. Not a very good beginning attitude, I know.

But, I am extremely fascinated by people who have mastered this craft and Sarai is one of those people. Just looking at her blog and pattern shop makes me want to put aside my fears and try. Sweet Sassafras is a 2009 discovery for me and has fast become one of my most regular haunts.

And what is it about Portland? Do you have to pass a beautiful / talented / lovely person test to move there? If so, Sarai definitely passed that test with flying colours! This is where Sarai blogs from and what she has to say about it...

My husband and I recently moved to Portland, OR, so our workspace is still a bit of a work in progress, but I love it. We both work from home and share an office, which works out perfectly in terms of getting enough human contact. He spends his days talking to clients and building websites, I spend mine designing, blogging, and running my sewing pattern line, Colette Patterns.

Organization does not come naturally to me, so I really make an effort to keep things neat around my desk. The drawers are filled with shipping supplies, the magazine files with vintage magazines and my favorite imports, so I can pull them out whenever I need a little inspirational kick. I like having my sewing and needlework books nearby for the same reason.

Inspiration is never a problem for me when it comes to blogging, but finding the space, time, and getting my thoughts organized is the bigger challenge, so maybe that's why I have trouble writing when things feel too chaotic in my environment.

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