Where we blog from: Sugar Pie Express

The longer I blog the more I stumble upon moments of synchronisity with fellow bloggers. It might be an uncanny similarity in style or a random obsession with the same author or obscure band. I'd been following New York-based blogger Michelle for a while when we realized her Mom lives just down the road from my Toronto apartment. Small world, right?!

Sugar Pie Express touches on so much that I love: Books, art, interiors, fashion... I really enjoy blogs that don't limit themselves to one particular niche and instead present an open expression of their author. It helps, of course, that our tastes converge on so many of these points! This is where Michelle blogs from and what she has to say about it...

This is it. Where I blog, my living room looks messy, but real. I sit here and browse through some of my favorite sites and catch up on all my news. I have coffee here in the morning with Conor. It is such a cozy little area, the light blazes through as we face south and the view is so New York to me.

Thanks Michelle!
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