Where we blog from: Katy Elliott

I discovered Katy Elliott though my all-time favourite decorating site, Remodelista. Katy is undertaking a renovation and when the Remodelista crew said they were closely following her, I started too. On her blog, Katy shares her vision for her home as well as the progress she's making. And when she hits the road, she always finds amazing things along the way.

Every week, it seems, there's a new addition to her home or milestone hit. I'm sure she feels like progress is slower than she would like, but I know that the final result will be better because of her pace. It gives Katy time to ponder every decision carefully, to make meticulous choices and to score some unbelievable finds along the way. It's so inspirational to see her vision unfold. This is where Katy blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I will be the first to admit I'm not the tidiest of people. Things kinda build up around me and eventually because of fears my cheapo ikea desk will break I clean. My office is shared with my boyfriend who works from home at least 3 days a week and our constant companion, Jack Cat. Things can get a bit tight. I have to be quiet when he's having conference calls and he's suppose to leave me alone when I'm writing blog posts. This never happens at least for me.

As soon as I start writing the cat is biting me for attention, greg wheels over to tickle me or to repeat over and over again, "oh my god katy, you have to see this," usually it's stupid and I give an eye roll. For the most part I like my office situation. We sit up high on the third floor of our house that overlooks a tree lined street. Our neighbor a retired crazy man sits outside with AM radio blaring interrupted by hellos to everyone in town. Someday the space will get renovated to become a master suite with an office. Hopefully with a big desk.

Thanks Katy!
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