Where we blog from: Automatism

Automatism is the blog home of Lori Langille, a hugely talented illustrator with an amazing eye for design. She picks the most soothing of spaces and images to convey her beautiful message.

I'm also excited about Lori's Benevolent Postcard Society, which kicks off tomorrow. This initiative epitomises what Lori's blog accomplishes every day: Bring a little sunshine and beauty into everyday life. This where Lori blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I've currently got an Ikea desk, which I'm not overfond of but find useful as I don't have a lot of space for vertical storage and the bulky stuff I use daily for my illustration work (scanner, printer, reference and paperwork). But I keep things I like close by, such as the Japanese tea mug for my pencils and pens, the little handmade Shaker box from my mum, and a little lidded basket for desk odds and ends. It's definitely a work area, frequently awash with reference material — but I continue to dream of someday having an almost bare desk to work on!

Thanks Lori!
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