How's your weekend going? I slaved all Friday night and Saturday to finish my portfolio. It's not the complete redesign I had originally thought about undertaking and the code is really very inelegant. But, despite this I'm happy with it.

Today, after all that slog, I thought I'd find some perfect shoes. These ones still haunt me and really it's hard to find something perfect and plain. No Tory Burch logos on my watch. I only found Bloch, but they weren't in my size and so I pretty much gave up on Toronto shoe-shopping. Instead, I stocked up on all new lingerie. Plain but La Perla, which I think is worth every penny. To my credit, I resisted a pair of Chloe sunglasses that I've tried on a gazillion times.
And I moseyed around and picked up tasty treats (Portugese custard tarts mmm) and a new yoga mat thingy (it's a mat for my mat... hm). And then I walked up The Hill that separates my apartment from downtown and makes an otherwise 15 minute walk seem like a high altitude hike. Still, the lemon sorbet I'm slurping as I type is ample reward.

I'm off to yoga later and then on the edge of my couch for more True Blood (more Eric fantasy scenes please!) Enjoy your evening!
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