Thank you

I don't know if you always feel it; how much I love this little space and your comments. But every time there's a new name in the comments, I feel overwhelmed and happy. And, I know there are many more who don't comment too. Sometimes, I wonder what I could say that would make you say pop up and say hello. But, I know you're there and that's really what matters.

I spend a lot of time thinking about living an authentic life, listing things I dislike about myself and want to change. I think it's significant that my blog is never on that list. In fact, it's one of the things I feel right about. I feel that it and you are somehow guiding me towards a more authentic existence. This is all a clumsy way of saying that blogging is far more meaningf
ul for me than a pile of pretty things.

And, though I'd do it anyway, having you here makes me feel special and supported in a way I've seldom known. Thank you.
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