Recordis Photography

I used to live and breathe photography, spending my weekends up to my elbows in chemicals and playing patty-fingers with boys in darkrooms. But somewhere, I lost my way (and the boys). After I moved, I missed my darkroom and couldn't find one here. And I never got the feedback from digital that I got from film.

Now, it's something I tinker with, rather really do. So, when I find a group like Recordis Photography, I'm equal parts inspired and sad, missing something I thought I once had (but maybe didn't really) and determined to carve out some time and get past tinkering and back to doing it.

Which is all my ineloquent way of explaining why I join these groups but don't contribute. And why I feel more involved in photography than I really am. And why there will always, always be rolls of film in my refrigerator.

Image from Maxim Chelak
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