A poem for Thursday

As a person, I tend to be a loner. I like living alone and traveling alone, sitting in coffee shops alone. But, when I am in company, I like the ultra rich kind. I want deep connections and people who get me. The hardest thing for me is sharing time with people I have nothing in common with. It makes me feel lonelier than being alone. And other times it makes me indignant and angry. I don't want to be angry. I want to walk by the sea and feel that superb inner calm. And, when I am with people, to love everything about them. This poem is by Robert Creeley.


What, younger, felt
was possible, now knows
is not - but still
not chanted enough -

Walked by the sea,
unchanged in memory -
evening, as clouds
on the far-off rim

of water float,
pictures of time,
smoke, faintness -
still the dream.

I want, if older,
still to know
why, human, men
and women are

so torn, so lost,
why hopes cannot
find better world
than this.

Shelley is dead and gone,
who said,
"Taught them not this -
to know themselves;

their might could not repress
the mutiny within,
And for the morn
of truth they feigned,

deep night
Caught them ere evening . . ."
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