Perfect apartment

My Dad always sang Wandering Star to us as kids and we moved house very, very often when I was growing up (always within Ireland, but all over it). It's easy to think that my constant moving is a result of that upbringing. But I don't move for the sake of it. I move because I'm looking for something more.

I'm really too much of a typical Cancerian to be always on the move; the idea of "home" is too important to me. I'm looking for the perfect place that will stop me feeling restless. I have an idea of it in my mind and finding it is probably the single biggest driver in my life. I feel that once I get to that place, everything else will fall into place. Naive perhaps, but true.

I'm not sure why I explained all that as a lead-in to show you this apartment from Inspace Locations. But, it does feel like the kind of place that could take care of all that wanderlust, doesn't it?

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